Don’t get caught with your walls bare

SugarLab Creative | Don't get caught with your walls bare.

From the Start

So you’ve had a second very successful meeting with your stand builder, you’ve hashed out all the dimensions, discussed the deliverables, the build-up and the break-down, you’ve even learnt a thing or two about floor plans! The wheels are now in motion and they get straight to work on conceptualising your dream stand for that eagerly anticipated upcoming exhibition. Within a week, you’ve settled on a design and already picked out the finishes and furniture for your stand, things are coming together quite nicely!
With your chosen design concept now approved and in production, you can kick back, relax and start thinking about your stand graphics . . . graphics? Wait . . . What?!
Yes, we know! The afterthought of all afterthoughts.
Whether you’ve budgeted for a double-storey, custom design stand, complete with chandeliers and a swimming pool out back, or for something a little more modest, say a three metre by three metre shell scheme variety, we know that you value both the form and the function.

Which is why we beg of you, ‘Don’t leave the graphics ’til last!'


Design Purpose

The 3D stand concept and design are there to provide you with a unique and innovative space to showcase your company and it's products or services, the infrastructure and design you’ve chosen will act as a frame, regardless of how elaborate or simple, on which to drape your brand personality. 
Being mindful of your stand's graphic design needs and requirements right from the beginning can be extremely helpful in shaping a powerful brand experience for your potential clients and customers. The choice of visual communication made use of on your stand can either work to interconnect your brand, your message and your offering or literally make it ‘fall flat’. While the 3D aspect of your stand acts to allocate space and provide an environment, your visuals and graphics inform the tone of voice, not only what your stand is saying, but how it’s being heard. When these two elements are inconsistent, the result is confusing and expensive!
While exhibition stands of all shapes and sizes pose different design challenges, we believe the goal is to create approachable, integrated spaces, which feel complete and considered. Communicating your business and brand in a consistent and comprehensive way will make it memorable. Using the often overlooked graphic elements, coupled with the 3D stand design, we can mould these limited spaces allowing your full brand picture to emerge.

Case Study

Looking at the two images below, it is clear to see how the look and feel of your chosen graphics and their placement, can impact the overall result of your exhibition stand.
In this first example, the brand is communicated in a bright, laid-back, comical way. Which seems to detract from their significantly confident tagline, “Using the best in the business, is always good for business.” Although eye-catching, these graphics don’t go very far in telling a potential client much about the business, nor do they make the most of the limited area available.
SugarLab Creative - System Exhibition Stand Design and Graphics - PNet
In this second example, the brand and business are presented with style and consistency, using tasteful, relevant imagery which touches on the human element, something that is at the core of their industry. The infographic style in which the factual information is presented allows for it to be easily accessed while considering the stand aesthetics.
This example provides a visual explanation of the business in a manner that allows the sleek, classy, passionate and professional character traits of their brand personality to be heard loud and clear.
SugarLab Creative - System Exhibition Stand Design and Graphics - PNet

The Conclusion

Your exhibition stand graphics are not about ‘squeezing the logo in here’ or ‘adding the images in later’, they form an essential part of the visual impression and will influence the way your stand is perceived. Don’t get caught with your walls bare, or worse, so rushed and irrelevant it’s the only reason they will stare.

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